Project Research '97 at RIMS

All the program of Project97 at RIMS are over. Thanks for your continuous interest and cooperations.
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We are planning to publish two volumes concerning the project.

One is a volume of proceedings of summer conference (Hayashibara Forum). This volume will appear as one of the series of Advanced Studies in Pure Mathematics (published by Kinokuniya and Math. Soc. of Japan).

The other is a lecture notes of the lecture series given in mini-workshops in last autumn. It will include the lectures by E. Opdam and G. Olshanski, at least. The volume will appear in the new series called Memoirs of Math. Soc. Japan (This may not be an official English name of the series).

Project 98 at RIMS !!

The theme of Project 98 at RIMS is:

Methods of Combinatorics in Representation Theory.

Organizers: M. Kashiwara (RIMS), K. Koike (Aoyama-gakuin Univ.), I. Terada (Univ. Tokyo), S. Okada (Nagoya Univ.), H. Yamada (Hokkaido Univ.)

There will be an international conference in the end of July, 1998. Also, there will be mini-workshop(s) in autumn (October). See the page of meetings of this site for details, or directly access project 98's page above.

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