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Tambara Workshop 2007

Geometry and Representations in Lie Theory

OHP-slides and Notes -- Updated []

Program -- Updated []

There is a possibility for financial support. For more information, please contact to one of the organizers above.

Blue Sphere Expected participants (oversea):

Dan Ciubotaru (Utah)
Jing-Song Huang (HKUST)
David Vogan (MIT)

Blue Sphere Expected speakers :   see PROGRAM

In the next week (August 27 -- August 31), there planned a lecture course by David Vogan in Hokkaido Univeristy. Also Hideyuki Ishi (Nagoya), Hiroshi Oda (Takushoku) and Syu Kayo (RIMS) will give lecture courses for young researchers and graduate students.
Sapporo Lectures on Representations in Lie Theory - An introduction and the beyond -

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