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Bug fixing

We have recovered from the HDD crash, and begin to serve again. Now the system and the hardware is renewed completely. But since then, I have received a plenty of error logs, which make 10MB just for two months!

Thus, I determined my mind to fix all the bugs in our site. There were so many bugs, indeed. Now it seems that I have done a good job, but if you have some trouble, please notice me.

[Fri May 30 11:42:26 JST 2003]

Finally, we open the "What's New" page.

We opened this site in May, 1996. Since then, we are very busy to prepare Japanese version and have no time to construct English pages. However, we think it is important to provide informations on RIMS Project Research '97, which will be a year of representation theory, in English. There will be an international symposium in the next summer and many foreigners will come to RIMS (or other places in Japan).

We want to be a nice guide for you. If you have any questions or requests, please notice me. It will make this site better.

The page on Japanese rumors and gossips in Mathematics is availabe.

At last! Here we produce some of the rumors in Japan. Let's check it!
(However it might bring you nothing special... (^^;;)

We also produce some links to the other sites. ('96/11/8)

Now we are serving informations on RIMS Project Research. '96/9/18

In annual meeting of Mathematical Society Japan, we were discussing about RIMS Project Research '97. The subjects are:

What kind of meetings (or workshops, symposiums, ... whatever it is called) should we have?
Who we should invite from abroad to the meetings?
What is available from RIMS, or other foundations?

We will notice the things above as soon as possible on this site.

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